Redefine modern workplace with style and statement. Finding a style personality with a number of design trends that will influence the overall look to the workplace

A wide range of office furniture design; from workstations, benches, desking, pods, hybrid solutions. 

From individual workstations, benches, and team environments to meeting table, lounge furniture, pods, and storage… the aesthetic of W series adds continuity across the office and the effect is considerable.

W encompasses all elements needed to equip an entire office. With a clean, simple design that’s available in a variety of colors, W helped to elevate the workplace beyond the ordinary with pure and clean architectural lines that create simplicity within today’s office environment.

Colourful Collections

At Worktitude our colours are specially chosen to provide more inspiring and specific choices to our customers. The selection was made to allow for mix and match across the Worktitude range and aims to inspire architects, interior designers, planners and users with the creative scope of colour.

Storage Flexibility

When contrasting materials come together, exciting things happen. Clean, simple design in combination with our colour paletter create unique and understated office culture.

Providing organisation with flexible solutions and maximise options that are visually appealing and versatile. All of our storage solutions are designed to add efficiency and complements with Worktitude W systems.

Meeting Flexibility

Redefine modern workplace with style and statement. Finding a style personality with a number of design trends that will influence the overall look to the workplace.

To Demonstrate workplace structures and dynamics collaboration should be fully supported by communication spaces. Worktitude has a variety of meeting and conference tables to furnish the entire office

Things are happening! Ergonomic height-adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular, not only in Scandinavia but around the globe. The growing interest is a direct result of research that proves that only sitting down while working is detrimental to health.

A height adjustable table is a good start for more mobile and healthy life.

XL takes on the complexity of office furnishings using simple, multi-purpose elements that provide efficient and functional solutions for complex configuration needs.

The flexibility of the system makes it easier to modify even the most simplest configurations, integrating them with straight or shaped worktops using an efficent system involving shared structural components.

Office spaces are shrinking in footprint but growing in capacity requirements. Budgets are contracting while performance expectations expand. Personal work styles and corporate directions are evolving faster than the infrastructure that supports them. All of this makes creative, flexible furniture solutions an absolute necessity.

There is time to live. And there is time for work. Both are equally fascinating because it relate to life.

Developing potential in the workplace is a key factor in gaining support for the values upheld by your organisation. Today’s work spaces include elements of “home” comfort, intended to make the company a place where people live and evolve.

Office Accessories

We understand that Office Solution is more than just tables and chairs. Thats why we have put together a full range of Office Workplace solutions.

Monitor Arm, Acoustic Panel, Acrylic shield, built in USB ports, Task Lights, Wall paneling, number lock system, Fun Furniture, racking… etc

A monitor arm is an awesome piece of equipment that allows much more than a comfortable working posture and wonderful relief for the eyes through proper desk ergonomics.

Worktitude Monitor Arm LDT10 is a flexible mounting system catering for the integration and mounting of LCD Monitors, Laptops, Thin Client PCs, Tablet devices and other emerging technologies.

Our monitor arm come with gas spring and detachable VESA panel to adjusts and install easily according to your working style — whether you stand, sit, or do a mix of both throughout the day.

Worktitude Acoustic Panel is a decorative panel substrate offering improved acoustic performance with a fabric like finishing. It is a direct response to ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements facing contemporary interior design and fit out. 

Worktitude Acoustic Solutions based on PET acoustic material, absorb internal and external sound influences reducing the noise level in a room. People feel more comfortable in the environment being able to converse freely, experience better speech intelligibility and don’t have to fight to be heard.

These protective barriers called “sneeze guards” and “cough shields”. In other words, it help to reduce airborne germs between colleagues and to offer greater protection against coughing and sneezing. In addition, the screens can be easily wiped clean. It provide an added layer of physical protection, without reducing visibility while keep staff safe.

These shields is available in desk and ground screen version. It available in few standard sizes but custom sizes can be made to order. Moreover, it comes with a solid stabilizer feet with 5 millimetre thickness metal base. Therefore it able to self-stand on the table or floor without drilling or using any blue tags. In conclusion, these acrylic shields are must have addition for “new normal” office environments.


350mm dome shape aluminium die cast pandant light. With colours to match our workstation. compatible to standard E27 light bulbs comes with light holder (1m). Light bulbs NOT included

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