The only brand you will need to provide you with a one stop office furniture solution for all different spaces and requirements.

Our wide range of office chairs, lounge seatings, stools are design for the modern office where we focus more on the office environment.

Custom Modular Seating

Worktitude, the only brand you will need to provide you with a one stop office furniture solution for all different spaces and requirements.

Worktitude products encompasses all elements needed to equip an entire office. The clean, simple design that’s available in variety of colours help to elevate the workplace beyond the ordinary with pure and clean architectural lines that create simplicity within todays office environment.

Retrax Modular Lounge Seating

Retrax is a lounge system for many possible combinations which create desirable and inviting working environments.

Retrax is redefining the way we work:

  • It’s modular
  • Combinable
  • Simple to install
  • Able to reconfigured to meet changing needs

With a perfectly designed outlook and gentle curves, the Surface chair is elegant and stylish. As most of it’s parts are made from recycled material, the Surface represents the beauty of simplicity and harmony between nature and human. Thus, its owner can relax with a clear conscience.

Work can be dull sometimes. The cycle of going through the motion day after day. We reckon that work life actually can be fun, cheery and colourful by breaking the habit. In business today, it’s all about the appearance. Projecting the right image for your people, your space and your company. With endless aesthetic and performance options, Zenith works seamlessly with any interior space. Its understated modern design speaks volumes without screaming for attention.

Drowning inspiration from rainbow, a beautiful meteorological phenomenon, Eve does not exist for one particular purpose. The design excludes pure flexibility, allowing itself to fit into any kind of environment depending on the particular user’s requirement.   

The carefully crafted seating contour enables seamless blending of one’s physical structure with the chair, ensuring immediate ergonomic bonding between the user and the chair. 

We wanted to find one word to describe Maxim, but couldn’t choose between fantastic, beautiful, elegant, reliable, comfortable, ergonomic, desirable, sophisticated, etc. So we settled for “All of the Above”. Having just one of these chairs in the of ce will cause endless of jealousy and arguments.

The Strand folding chair is a practical and ideal design combining fashion and modern construction. This chair offers a foldable seat allowing you to maximize office space and simplify storage.

The Strand folding table’s easy operation enables it to be conveniently set up and arranged to suit all workplace functions be it for training, meeting, group discussion or even for lounge purposes. It’s practicality encourages space utilization in today’s office requirements.

Mesh 2 is designed for comfort and ergonomic designs. The clean design and pleasant seating experience of Mesh 2 is sure to please everyone in the office.

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