Worktitude Office Furniture Design Company in Singapore. We create inspiring office with colours

Office Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier. We design office workstation, office seating, meeting spaces and storage solutions. We aim to provide different ways for employees to engaging spaces without compromising in functionality and productivity.

Office Workstation

Office Workstation

Redefine modern workplace with style and statement. Finding a style personality with a number of design trends that will influence the overall look to the workplace.
Worktitude Office Workstation collections bring colours and vibes to the workplace.

Office Furniture

Office Seatings

Our wide range of seating allows flexible arrangement of office spaces. In other words, we are the only brand to provide a one stop office workplace seating solution.
Customised meeting pods, cushion seatings, stadium seating, benches.

Office Meeting Furniture

Meetings Spaces

Our innovative design allows user to create different meeting experience. In addition, our colour palettes give the space a modern, fresh and fun impression.
The meeting spaces solution includes tables, meeting pods, tall discussion table.

Office Storage Lockers

Storage Solutions

A range of storage solutions from cabinets to lockers and counters.
Our standardise modular system allows user to mix and match the configuration they prefers.

Latest News From Unique Office Furniture Brand Worktitude

work pod

Meet Our New Retrax System

Retrax is a lounge system for many possible combinations which create desirable and inviting working environments.

Retrax is redefining the way we work: 

  • – It’s modular
  • – Combinable 
  • – Simple to install
  • – Able to reconfigured to meet changing needs

The well-thought-out design makes it easier to concentrate or to collaborate. Contact us for more information about Retrax Office Furniture System or read more here.

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